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her face says it all
James Dean
behind the scenes
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James Dean on Broadway in “The Immoralist”. 1954.

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Abra: But you must give him some sign, Mr. Trask, some sign that you love him… or he’ll never be a man. All his life he’ll feel guilty and alone unless you release him.

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this one never gets old
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Some verses by Jorge Luis Borges (Argentinian, 1898-1986), the greatest Spanish-speaking writer of the 20th century, that could have been written for Jimmy: "Desde el principio hasta la joven muerte / la terrible belleza te acechaba.../ Fuiste el fuego. En la pánica memoria / no eres hoy la ceniza. Eres la gloria." Something like: "From the beginning to the young death / terrible beauty haunted you./ You were the fire. In the memory of nature / you are not today the ashes / You are the glory".

:) Thank you for sharing! Lovely.

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A little something from an anonymous follower. Would love to share anyone’s thoughts!

"I wanted to share this with you … It was 59 years ago that you died, 24, still filled with so much life. Yet, 59 years later, it is evident amongst people young and old, that you’re still having an impact and influencing everyday lives into becoming more honest, true, alive people. Your goal, was to live forever. In dying, you achieved your immortality. It’s a shame it had to be that way, but we can only imagine what great things you could’ve continued to achieve had you been given more time.In all your hurt, your saw how to truly live because there is no time in our short lives that can be wasted. You saw how to bring out the best in others and you knew reality all to well. You awoke us from this image and show’d us what life truly was; something filled with struggle and pain, but to let it surpass and to rise above those boundaries and create a world that was right for us, not for anybody else. You were a true portrait of an eternal struggled felt by everybody, to be loved,understood, appreciated, never alone. And we miss you for all you were and we long to know who you would have become… A director, humanitarian, husband, father. We miss you Jimmy. Still remembered and loved.”

Thank you for sharing!

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James Dean
September 30
Stewart Stern
tissues please

"A star goes wild in the places beyond air — a dark star born of coldness and invisible. It hits the upper edges of our atmosphere and look! It is seen! It flames and arcs and dazzles. It goes out in ash and memory. But its after-image remains in our eyes to be looked at again and again. For it was rare. And it was beautiful. And we thank God and nature for sending it in front of our eyes.
-Stewart Stern in a letter to Mr. & Mrs. Winslow, Oct. 12, 1955.

James Byron Dean, Feb. 8, 1931 - Sept. 30, 1955

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September 30

"I liken it to a kind of star or comet that fell through the sky and everybody still talks about it. They say, ‘Ah, remember the night when you saw that shooting star?’ -Julie Harris

"I liken it to a kind of star or comet that fell through the sky and everybody still talks about it. They say, ‘Ah, remember the night when you saw that shooting star?’ -Julie Harris

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this guy
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 ”If I can keep this up and nothing interferes with my progress, one of these days I might be able to contribute something to the world.” -James Dean

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Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean at the racetrack, photographed by Frank Worth, 1955.

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TV Appearances
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James Dean


Television Appearances:

Something for an Empty Briefcase
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Bells of Cockaigne

A Long Time Till Dawn

The Big Story

The Unlighted Road
1   2   3

The Dark, Dark Hours
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Tales of Tomorrow: The Evil Within

The Thief

I’m A Fool

Studio One: Sentence of Death


Trouble With Father (appearance)

Warner Bros. Presents (Last Interview)/(Rebel on set)

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Any reunion at the location of Dean's death on Sept. 30?

You know there probably will be some kind of gathering around there or at his last stop. There is for sure a festival next weekend in his hometown of Fairmount, Indiana!