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Anna Maria Pierangeli

Dean’s first Hollywood love, Pier Angeli was an Italian actress who had previously starred in films such as Teresa, The Story of Three Loves, and The Silver Chalice. She was briefly engaged to Kirk Douglas in the early 50’s. She met Dean while she was filming Chalice, and he Eden. Their relationship was brief, but very emotional and involved. The relationship ended after many complications, including his desire to return to New York, her mother’s strong disapproval, among their other differences. 

Pier Angeli married Vic Damone in 1954, which lasted only 4 years. They had a son named Perry in 1955. She married her second husband Armando Trovaioli in 1962 , with whom she had her son Andrew. They divorced in 1969.

Pier’s acting career seemed up and down throughout her life, with notable roles in Somebody Up There Likes Me, The Vintage, and The Angry Silence

Pier Angeli died on September 10, 1971 of a barbiturate overdose, of which was assumed accidental. She was only 39 years old. 

After her death an interview and letter were released in which she claimed that James Dean was the only man she ever loved.

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